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MODEL M065003    
Nominal Diameter 165/6 mm/inch  
Rated impedance 8 ohm  
Power handing capacity 150 watts  
Sensitivity(1w/1m) 95 dB  
Frequency Range FS-9000 Hz  
Voice Coil Diameter 50/2 mm/inch  
Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminium    
Number of layer 2    
Kind of layer outside     
Resonance frequency Fs 90 Hz 
Dc resistance Re 5.3 ohm
Mechanical factor Qms 3.44  
Electrical factor Qes 0.24  
Total factor Qts 0.23  
BL factor BL 13.7 T.M
Effective Moving mass Mms 14.61 g
Effective Cas air load Vas 5.015 liters
Effective piston area Sd 0.0131 m^2
Overall Diameter Φ186*161/Φ7.7*6.3 mm/inch  
Bolt Circle Diameter Φ172/Φ6.8 mm/inch   
Bolt Hole Diameter 4-Φ5.2/4-Φ0.2 mm/inch  
Mount Baffle Cut-out Φ145 /Φ5.7 mm/inch  
Depth 78.5/3.09 mm/inch  
Net Weigh      (6 unit) 9.6 kg  
Shipping Weight  (6 unit) 11.6 kg  
Package Size    (6 unit) 550*190*220 mm 



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